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My intention is to share tools of knowledge and wisdom with you that you may apply them to your own life circumstances guiding you to the know hows, your own intuitive inner wisdom and how to gain deeper clarity and insight into navigating this thing we call life.

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“Innerworld Outerworld”

Meeting yourself in the now allowing the silence of Corona Virus lockdown and seeing who we want to become as we emerge the other side.


How we move through the unexpected changes personally and have faith in our own humanity and growth globally as we prepare for emerging through our Corona Virus experience.

“We are all in this together”

Today’s message allows us to see each other with compassion, understanding and grace rising above judgements and criticism to empathy and awareness.

Learning how to appreciate each other’s differences, learn to live and let live by being a compassionate person seeing the sameness in our differences we adopt new skills and life tools to start being more of who you want to be in the world.

“Rainclouds to Rainbows”

Today’s message allows us to learn new skills around the power of our mind, harnessing our thoughts and retraining our selves to become conscious about where thoughts lead us, re-evaluate our thinking strategies moving through the rainclouds of stagnant outworn patterns to the rainbows of our minds capacity to dream, create expand grow and evolve.

“Mastery in the mayhem”

Learning to see others and the world around you through compassionate eyes, seeing the sameness in us all and being conscious that what’s sometimes on the surface isn’t all there is and to go out in the world with “allowance” for the stress and strain we meet or experience in the world around us whilst remaining centred yourself.